Tree Maintenance

tree maintenance

Tree maintenance is very important in order to keep your trees healthy and safe from diseases.

Pruning them properly allows the wind to flow through the branches and this keeps over condensation out.

When your trees are too thick, too much moisture gathers and the sun can’t reach those areas to keep them dry. As a result, fungus will begin to grow and this will attract diseases, your tree’s branches will eventually become rotten and die.

Having rotten and dead branches on your trees can pose many safety issues. First and foremost, the branches could fall on you or your neighbors.

tree maintenance pruning
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Tree Maintenance Types

Servicing or maintaining your trees can be difficult if your trees are 30 plus feet high. After all, you don’t want to climb it and your ladders aren’t going to reach those high spots. That’s just a little too dangerous.

This is why Wolfe Tree Service will bring our special equipment, such as our high bucket truck, which can reach all the high area with safety. We are also professional tree climbers and use the proper harnesses and safety equipment to get to those hard to reach places.

We can service those high areas for you.
It’s also important to know where to cut and thin branches so that your trees receive the ultimate pruning for the best conditions.


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